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Photo Friday: Tea Party

Friday, October 26, 2012

To throw the perfect tea party all you need are some mini sandwiches, sweets on tiered trays, and of course, a few different flavors of tea. It doesn’t hurt to throw in some fun props for your guests to get into character. Here are some photos from a tea party we held at our home. It was such a lovely event! We brought out all of my mom’s vintage china, and decorated hats with flowers and feathers for photo props. Try some long gloves and pearls for your guests as well.
We made nine varieties of sandwiches, these were the fillings we used:
Carrot-Ginger (carrots, cream cheese, ginger)
Green olive & cream cheese
Cucumber & cream cheese
Sun-dried tomato butter
Celery-Nut (cream cheese, celery, walnuts)
Cheddar- chutney (chutney, grated white Cheddar, cream cheese, cilantro)
Minted radish (lemon zest, mustard, mint, radishes, butter)
Watercress & goat cheese
Tomato & basil butter

Each table had a teapot with a selection of teas, from Earl Grey and black teas to mint and chamomile. There was certainly a large assortment of food and teas at this party but don’t be overwhelmed. This was for a larger event and even a few simple (say 3 or 4) sandwich fillings and dessert options (or even a cake) would suffice if you would like to have your own. There is nothing more fun than a high tea afternoon. Pinkies up, everyone!




  1. Hey,

    This is so funny! I've been thinking about tea parties for the last 2 weeks! Any good recipes for buttery vanilla biscuits?



  2. Try this recipe for the “World’s Best Butter Cookies”. They are amazing!


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