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Photo Friday: Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Friday, February 21, 2014

Here are some photos from our very sweet Victorian-themed Valentine's Day party.  Lots of tulle, pink, and cherubs.  And of course cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes with cherry jam frosting.  Yum.  If you've seen photos from my other parties here on this blog, you may have noticed that I repurpose a lot of my decorations for different occasions.  I do enjoy adding props and pieces to my collection, and try to find as many creative ways as I can to make good use out of them.  The cherub is actually a Christmas ornament, but I think it fits in perfectly here.  The birdcage, which I bought at AC Moore, was used at last year's indoor garden party and again at our vintage seaside birthday party.  This time I cut out butterflies that I had printed onto cardstock, folded them gently in the middle, and attached with a bit of double sided tape (a little tedious, but worth it, I think).  I just picked up the little cupcake stand at Joann Fabrics, so keep an eye out - you might see it turn up again soon!

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