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Happy March Birthdays 2014!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Birthday to Dad, Mom, Amalia, and me!  We had an equestrian theme for this year's March birthdays.  Amalia and I pulled out some of our favorite photos from our horse riding days.  Those were such good times!  Since our horse show ribbons were thrown out in a cleaning spree a while back, I went ahead and made some.  There's an awesome tutorial here from 100 Layer Cake.  We did, however, still have a saddle and our riding helmets so those made perfect props.  I didn't have a particular color scheme in mind for the flowers, but there just happened to be blue hydrangeas, red carnations, and yellow chyrsanthemums at the store -  the colors of first, second, and third place ribbons.  Here are some photos...

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