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Valentine's Day 2016

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  For the theme this year, I wanted to do something modern, in pink and red.  This one was really fun to put together, plus, I seemed to have almost everything I needed on hand at home.  It's amazing what you can do if you just do a little digging in your closets or basement! 
I happened to find a bag of balloons in a box of old party supplies, and picked out all the red and pink ones.  There were also some white with polka dots.  Perfect!  (There's also a great tutorial on how to make your own polka dot balloons at A Subtle Reverie).  The table was decorated with tiny metallic red hearts, which I found at the dollar store, and pink tissue paper fringe. This just takes minutes if you have a fringing scissors, but regular old scissors works just fine too. Just cut long strips of tissue paper and cut a fringe on both sides.  A packet of tissue paper in assorted colors is always great to have in your supply stash since there's so much you can do with it to dress up a party. The white with black polka dot napkins are my mom's, from the 80's, but you can find similar ones here
For the flowers, I've been dying to get my hands on some ranunculus, but they didn't have any at the produce market where I usually buy.  Most of the time I go in with a specific idea of what I'm looking for in mind, and most of the time they have everything but.  It does help me learn to work with whatever is available, and in the end I'm almost always happy with how my arrangements turned out.  All flowers are beautiful, right?  Bright pink carnations add a pop of color here, and I especially love the ruffly pink gerbera daisies.  I think these are called the "gerrondo" variety, and they remind me a bit of dahlias.
I finished off the rest of the decorations with cardstock, cutting out an XOXO banner in pink and glittery gold, and hearts to stick on the wall and for a couple of jars on the table.  I also added some cupid's arrows made with cardstock, painted bamboo skewers, and a bit of hot glue.  All done!  The best part of this Valentine's Day was celebrating Amalia's recent engagement. Congratulations Amalia and Paul!  We had a lovely dinner and finished it off with chocolate cake, then a movie, then more chocolate.  Hope your day was super special too!

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