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An Indoor Garden Party, Part 1

Monday, March 25, 2013

Since this year's winter was just way too cold and seemed way too long, I decided to make my own spring sunshine by throwing an indoor garden party to celebrate our March birthdays.  Here's the first set of photos.

I bought a selection of mini succulents from Home Depot and some potted plants from our local garden store, then added in some small arrangements of cut flowers.  For containers, I wanted an eclectic look so I used tin cans, milk glass, vintage vases, and found glass jars.  I found the fleur-de-lis birdcage (top left in the first photo) on sale at Michael's and placed a couple of succulents inside.  I actually left many of the potted plants in their original containers and just set them in terra cotta saucers.

To make the seed packet covers in the third photo, I simply wrapped seed packets with a vintage-style grid paper, then cut a square of floral card stock to embellish the top.  I used a vintage-typewriter font for the flower names, which I printed on plain cardstock and cut out.  A little double-sided tape (or glue stick), and voila!  More photos to come...

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